2018-2019 Research Group. Back row: Mathew Gutierrez, Jennifer Jay, Wayne Hung
From row: Megyn Rugn, Ileana Callejas, Marisol Cira Hernandez, Karina Jimenez, Victoria Whitener
Very front row: Leilani

Antibiotic resistance and metals in the environment

Lead in children’s playgrounds in Los Angeles

Wayne Hung sampled 100 parks in Los Angeles for lead contamination.

Antibiotic resistance genes in Mexican soils irrigated with reclaimed water

Victoria Whitener collecting samples from a river in Northern Mexico.

Antibiotic resistance genes and pathogens in commercially available garden products

Marisol Cira Hernandez presenting results on antibiotic resistance gene levels in fertilizers

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in ocean water and in the nasal cavities of surfers

Opening Day of the Surfer Resistance Project: Jennifer Jay, Katiana Johnson, Megyn Rugh, Emily Curling
Megyn Rugh sampling Graham Hamilton for the Surfer Resistance Project

Antibiotic resistance in air and soil surrounding biosolids spreading grounds

Antibiotic resistance genes and pathogens in stormwater and surface waters in CA

Multimedia assessment of lead exposure

Fate of antibiotic resistance genes and pathogens in stormwater treatment systems

Wayne Hung suited up to add sewage to a natural water treatment system.
Wayne Hung with large barrels of sewage to be added to a natural water treatment system.

Research on Food and the Environment

Impact of environmental education on the carbon footprint of college student diets

UCLA Student Mia making guacamole as part of a course in the connections between food and the environment

Green and Healthy Eating-K-12

Sarina Morales leading a workshop on green and healthy eating for K-12 students for Bruin Day, 2019
Green and Healthy Eating Workshop, Bruin Day, 2019 photo credit: Brian Cook

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